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West Side Update- March 18, 2024

City Council Update 3/18

Hi neighbors! After each meeting, you can find need-to-knows, news updates, and upcoming events on this blog! Take a look below and stay informed on what’s happening in our city!

Community Survey

Before we dive into updates, the community survey has been completed and we are awaiting the results.

Council Recognition

Mayor Finkam presented the prestigious Rangeline Pioneer Award to State Representatives Jerry Torr and Donna Schaibley. The Council is thankful for their many years of service!


The Eclipse is on April 8th and Carmel is in the path of totality! We are excited and preparing to play host to many skywatchers!

Public Comment

Members of the public voiced their opinions regarding the Gramercy project. Our Land Use meeting on Wed Mar 20th allowed for more discussion on traffic and road access concerns. The Council will continue to make sure the public's opinion is considered when evaluating the Gramercy project. If you wish to comment on this project please attend our next Land Use Committee Meeting on April 17th at 6pm at the Carmel Clay Public Library main branch 2nd floor.

Ordinances and Resolutions

The Council passed Ordinance Z-687-24, which alters the real estate zoning to allow the future development of residential neighborhood designated as the Andrews Planned Unit Development.

The Council had a lengthy discussion about the restructuring of the Waterworks Revenue Bonds. The total amount of restructured debt is approximately 130 million dollars plus additional 20 million in new expenses. The sudden rate increase of 35% that we experienced must be prevented from happening again by having more transparency regarding our city liabilities and this restructuring will be a part of this effort. This complex restructuring will be taken up by Finance committee and citizens who are interested in this topic may attend the meeting on April 9th at 5:30 pm

The Council appropriated approximately 1 Million dollars from the general funds for the City's Information and Communications System budget in order to finance technology updates to the City's Emergency Operation Center through passing Ordinance D-2705-24. Expected updates should be in place by June 2024 and in effect for this years Carmel Fest!

The Council authorized the use of federal grant money of $36,616.60 received for Carmel PD's participation in certain programs to provide overtime pay for the officers who served in these programs through passing Ordinance D-2708-24 and Resolution CC-03-18-24-01.

The Council recognized March 2024 as National Disability Awareness Month. Andy Leffler of Relay Indiana with his wife voicing for him reminded us how important it is for us to be a city that cares for all its citizens. As a member of the deaf community he impressed upon us the importance of making events and meetings accessible to all. We are dedicated to continue to make sure Carmel is accessible for all those in our community with special needs and different abilities in the future.

Committee Updates

Land Use meeting

Community Involvement Opportunities

  • Next Council Meeting is April 15th at 6pm City Hall

  • Finance Committee Meeting April 9th, 5:30pm City Hall

  • Housing Task Force March 21st and April 15th

  • Land Use Committee Meeting- April 17th

  • Climate Action Committee - March 26th at 6 pm, City Hall

  • City Council Meeting - March 28th at 6pm, City Hall

That’s all from me on this fine Thursday! Remember, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to me. I’m always here to listen and advocate for you. If you’d like to attend a city council meeting, committee hearing, or other council events, please visit our website and view the calendar.

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