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Hi, I'm Dr. Anita Joshi, a pediatrician, small business owner, and community leader, and I'm running for the West District seat on the Carmel City Council.


I'm running to represent our community's diverse voices and to put Carmel residents' needs first. I care deeply about this community. We've lived here for almost two decades, and I want to ensure it remains one of the most welcoming and desirable places to live.


I've been active in the community for a long time and have had the privilege of serving in leadership roles on boards like the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, Women's Fund of Central Indiana, and the Brebeuf Jesuit Board of Trustees. I'm also a proud member of the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana.


As a pediatrician and business owner, I know how important it is to strike a balance between good business sense and compassion. My ability to work with a diverse group of constituents and build consensus allows me to make practical and compassionate decisions that drive vibrant growth. 


I'm confident that my experience, passion, and dedication will allow me to make data-driven decisions, promote fiscal responsibility, and ensure that every resident of Carmel feels heard and represented.


When I'm not working, I love to spend quality time with my husband and experience all that nature has to offer. We're outdoor enthusiasts and love hiking, gardening, and scuba diving, and we never pass up an opportunity to travel and explore new places. We also love to spend time with our dog, Kulfi, who brings so much joy to our lives. Our two children are both at university, following their dreams and making us incredibly proud. We feel extremely grateful to call Carmel our forever home.


Thank you for joining me on this journey to be your voice on Carmel City Council!

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Keeping Carmel safe and vibrant is a top priority for me. I'll partner with our local first responders and use technology to enhance safety. I also aim to create opportunities for neighbors to connect and get to know each other because a connected community is a safer community. My goal is that our children can grow and play without worry.


Carmel has a wealth of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and students who are eager to invest in this city and create a better community. I will empower these change-makers and ensure that Carmel has access to cutting edge technologies and resources that support our community and build it better. I want to create a Carmel that maintains its close-knit, family-oriented culture while using our city's native innovation to improve accessibility and connectivity for all of our residents. 


As a pediatrician, I know how important it is to promote healthy living.  I believe a clean and green environment is essential for good health. That's why I'm passionate about supporting initiatives that preserve the environment and promote healthy living. I also want to ensure that we support the mental and physical health of all people in Carmel. Everyone in our community should have access to high-quality healthcare and facilities like the Monon Center so they can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Leadership and Service

I believe that local government leaders need to be transparent about their past work. Throughout my time in Carmel, I've served on boards and leadership positions across non-profits, religious organizations, and schools. I want assure our West District voters that I am a proven leader with no corporate bias or conflicts of interest that would harm the integrity of our city government. 

Board and Leadership Roles 


Board Member, Vice Chair (2021-Present)
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School


Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Patchwork Indy


Community Relations Liaison
Hindu Temple of Central Indiana


Fiscal Sustainability Chair, Board of Trustees
Center for Interfaith Cooperation


Member, Board of Trustees
Women's Fund of Central Indiana

2022 Heart of Brebeuf Award winner
Governance Chair focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Chaired medical task force in 2020, implemented COVID-19 policies to protect students, faculty, and staff.

Working with community leaders and activists on issues of housing, racism, and cultural bias. Connecting refugee and immigrant communities to resources and networks across Central Indiana.

Guiding/organizing temple tours for students, community leaders, and general visitors. Educating non-Hindu audiences about the principles of Hinduism and Indian culture. 

Chaired 2020 Interfaith Ambassador Dinner, the organization's largest fundraising event

Grants Committee Chair from 2017-2018

Honors and Achievements

Heart of Brebeuf Award

Keynote Speaker, Faith Leader Recognition at Butler University's Center for Faith and Vocation Annual Dinner

Testified to Indiana House of Representatives on hate crimes legislation


April 2021

January 2018

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