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West Side Update - February 9, 2024

City Council Update 2/9

Hi neighbors! After each meeting, you can find need-to-knows, news updates, and upcoming events on this blog! Take a look below and stay informed on what’s happening in our city!

Council Recognition 

The Council recognized the incredible accomplishments of the Creekside Middle School Robotics Team! Tech-Nically placed 1st in the State Championship, and they are headed to International competition in Houston.  I am so proud of what these young people have accomplished! I am excited to see what the future holds for them and am confident they will continue to make Carmel proud! 

Committee/Commission Updates: upcoming opportunities for city development 

Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Human Relations

  • The Commission reiterated its mission to “better recognize and promote diverse communities and cultures in Carmel”

Carmel Redevelopment Commission

  • Progress continues on a variety of developments around Carmel 

  • Residents can view the developments on

Economic Development Committee 

  • The Committee is excited to present and appreciate the contributions of our citizens of all races and ancestries

  • The Commission will meet February 8th at 4pm in City Hall’s 2nd floor Caucus Room

  • More information about the commission can be found here

Land Use Committee 

  • Working on establishing more city council oversight of park impact fees 

Ordinance/Resolution Updates

Ordinance D-2696-23

Current discussion regarding the established speed limit of 20 miles per hour within roundabouts.  Remains in the Finance, Utilities, and Rules Committee 

Resolution CC-02-05-24-02

  • Authorizing transfer of $2000 from Grant Fund to General Fund 

  • City of Carmel received $2000 in grant funds from the Indiana Arts Commission 

  • Approved: 9-0 Vote

Request for Approval of Purchase of 331 W Main Street by Carmel Redevelopment Commission

  • Remains in the Finance, Utilities, and Rules Committee 

The Council Made Several New Appointments

Carmel Cable and Telecommunications Commission 

  • Sarah Spencer Appointed 

  • Approved 9-0 Vote

Carmel Ethics Board 

  • Sarah Orgen Appointed 

  • Approved 9-0 Vote

Carmel City Center Community Development Corporation

  • Cheryl Wessel Appointed

  • Approved 9-0 Vote

Upcoming Events

  • Carmel Winter Games Friday Feb 9th 6pm and Sat Feb 10th at noon at the ice at Carter Green 

  • Land Use Committee Meeting: Feb 21th at 6pm in City Hall

  • Climate Action Committee Meeting: Feb 28th 6pm City Hall

  • Next City Council Meeting: Feb 19th at 6pm in City Hall

That’s the news of the day! Remember, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to me. I’m always here to listen and advocate for you. If you’d like to attend a city council meeting, committee hearing, or other council events, please visit our website and view the calendar.

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