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West Side Update - February 23, 2024

City Council Update 2/23

Hi neighbors! After each meeting, you can find need-to-knows, news updates, and upcoming events on this blog! Take a look below and stay informed on what’s happening in our city!

Community Survey

Before we dive into updates, I want to encourage all of you to fill out our Community Survey for 2024. This anonymous survey powers our planning for the future and allows us to see where our help is most needed. Share your thoughts today and make your voice heard.

Community Recognition, New Police Officers

We had a busy City Council meeting on Monday, Feb 19.  

We began by welcoming  Boy Scout Troop 123 and celebrated the swearing in of five new Carmel police officers. I am confident that these new officers will uphold the integrity of our police force in protecting our community responsibly and equitably.

Board and Community Reports

Fifth grader Mira Gautam was invited by Mayor Sue Finkam to present the Mayor's Report. We were thrilled to have her there! We also heard from many members of the public who expressed the importance of maintaining and improving our award-winning park system.

The Library Board delivered their annual report, posting an impressive 580,000+ visits to our nationally renowned Carmel Public Library in 2023. 

The Parks Board quarterly report included updates regarding financial challenges in the coming year. As the Clay Township bond comes due this year, plans for keeping our parks in great condition and available to all will be under discussion throughout 2024.

The Ethics Board has welcomed new members. I am particularly excited to welcome Democrat Sara Ogren and I greatly look forward to working with her. The Ethics Board has not met in recent years, so I am hopeful that this represents a chance to revive the Board's work and add another community-driven advisory body to our municipal work.

Ordinances and Resolutions

Resolution CC-01-08-24-01 was introduced to amend the Unified Development Ordinance with regards to park impact fees. This resolution now proceeds to the planning commission for review and will then return to the Common Council.  We believe this resolution will give the City Council the opportunity to ensure oversight of park impact fees.

A parking ordinance was passed to prohibit parking on the east side of 3rd Ave. This is on the side of the street where the Palladium is located. I am confident that this will help traffic flow in our rapidly growing downtown.

Committee Updates

The Carmel Redevelopment Commission presented information on the Republic Airways project. The development of multifamily units on the site will now be separated from the main headquarters construction and will be developed by Kite Realty Group instead of Republic. This means that the apartments and retail that was originally factored into the Republic project will be put off or perhaps eliminated. This represents a large change for the project and I will keep you updated as it progresses

The Carmel Climate Action Advisory Committee will now present to the City Council quarterly. I am particularly excited about this update as it demonstrates a municipal commitment to addressing the climate crisis.

The first reading of Ordinance Z-687, establishing the Andrews PUD, was discussed and sent to our land use committee. The land use committee met on Wednesday and we had an excellent discussion with those in the adjacent neighborhood who voiced their concerns. The Land Use Committee will also be examining the entire Unified Development Ordinance to update, modernize and enhance the document. 

Community Involvement Opportunities

  1. Please take a moment to fill out the Community Survey!  Its easy to do and we want your voice to be heard!

  1. Carmel Mayors Youth Council – This is an opportunity for high school students to get engaged in local government. The Mayors office is accepting applications from now until March 21 This is a great opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills. Visit the  CMYC webpage for the meeting link.

  1. Attend Committee Meetings- 

    1. Climate Action Committee - Feb 28, 5:30pm at City Hall

    2. City Council Meeting - March 4, 6pm at City Hall

    3. Land Use and Special Studies - March 6, time and location TBA

That’s all from me on this fine Friday! Remember, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to me. I’m always here to listen and advocate for you. If you’d like to attend a city council meeting, committee hearing, or other council events, please visit our website and view the calendar.

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